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Cassandra Little

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Intuitive Business Consultant at Light Inspired Design

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There is always more than meets the eye. When we can tap into the infinite of possibilites we really get to connect to what is truly possible.

About Cassandra Little

Throughout her experience and overcoming many of the common obstacles, Cassandra has discovered that when she is able to tap into the state of creative flow, magic happens, everything becomes effortless. Ideas and inspiration are sparked and knowing what to do with them comes naturally. Learning to access this flow state has transferred the work that she does.

Through her experience with web design, marketing and running several small businesses she has learned what it takes to overcome the many perceived obstacles to this process by trusting the intuitive nudges from within. She believes that starting a business doesn’t need to be focused on striving for perfection or on the end result, but by following your heart - what really calls to you and overcoming the fear and doubt that naturally arises.. Along this path Cassandra has learned that the universe responds very well to inspired action, and is ready and willing to assist you, after you take those first steps.

Cassandra utilizes a variety of tools, techniques and processes including Scalar Energy devices, sacred energetic symbols and light language guidance to assist in your journey together. 

Most recently, Cassandra has founded, CoKreative, a community of intuitive creators that support one another to discover, elevate and enhance their natural gifts, talents and abilities. It is a network of purpose-centered individuals who are ready to shift the way we come together to create impactful, sustainable businesses by connecting to our expansive, abundant, and loving nature that we are, rather than from our limiting linear minds.

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What is your big vision for your business?
My vision for my business is to see more creations (businesses) and creators (business owners) infuse the energetic and intuitive perspective throughout the creation process. I believe our creations are guiding us to follow more of a non-linear approach of surrendering, trusting, and allowing - moving into the rhythm of nature itself.
What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?
All ideas deserve space to be seen, heard and witnessed. That the idea came to YOU, and that it is there to support you in more ways than you think. Finding community and people that you trust to share in your ideas, to brainstorm, to be curiosity, to explore to me is the best way to gain deeper clarity and connection to what really wants to be birthed through you.
What are you looking for with Biz Bloomer?
Connecting with other like-minds that are wanting to explore creating business differently from a sacred place of flow, intuition and trust.
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Light Inspired Design
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