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Why Bizbloomer?

Ignite the potential of what is possible.

We understand that the past few years have been challenging for small businesses and we want you to know how essential you are. Our mission is to provide a supportive and like-minded community for all small business owners. Whether you are a courageous entrepreneur starting your business without knowing where your clients will come from, a stay-at-home mom selling homemade products, or a multi-location entrepreneur, we are here to help.

We believe that small businesses and communities are the backbone of our world. At Biz Bloomer, we aim to encourage, support, and celebrate our fellow entrepreneurs. Our main focus is to provide hope, smiles, and growth opportunities to everyone who joins us.


Dedicated to putting community back into the hearts of local people, and their businesses. Allowing you to create authentic connections that matter.


Restoring harmony and balance in our local communities. Bringing together the spirit of the entrepreneurs and local business owners who are here to make an impact in our local community.


We are committed to having small, local businesses be seen. No more hiding. We see you for who you are, and the authentic business you have created.

Small business and community makes the world go round. We are here for our fellow entrepreneurs to be encouraged, supported, and celebrated. Helping you discover inspired connections to allow continued growth and expansion for you and your business. 

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About Our Founder,

Melanie, the heart-centered visionary and founder of Biz Bloomer, is driven by her passion for community and small businesses. She possesses a natural gift of connecting people, which inspired her to create an online connection platform for small businesses. Melanie began her entrepreneurial journey by pursuing her first love of health and wellness, leading her to Life Vantage where she shared her passion for home-based business and cellular activation. As her business grew, she remained true to her core values of straight talk and full transparency, weaving them throughout her business platforms to ensure that everyone felt heard, valued, and seen.

When she's not busy running her business, Melanie loves to host friends and family dinners, cooking delicious meals from scratch. She's also a nature lover and enjoys taking photos of the beautiful Alberta sky. With a touch of wanderlust and a penchant for adventure, Melanie relishes meeting new people, making new connections, and exploring off the beaten path. She's a lifelong learner in all things wellness and healing, possessing a magical touch that makes her the ultimate host and guide for connecting people.

Why Sunflowers?

At Biz Bloomer, we want to help you feel grounded and secure with all the tools you need to grow your business into its full, vibrant potential. Think of yourself as a freshly planted seed, showered by a gentle rain that will nourish your roots and encourage your growth.

We chose the sunflower as our symbol because it represents so much of what we stand for.  Sunflowers are known for their unwavering faith and devotion to the greater good, always turning their bright faces toward the sun. They are a universal symbol of hope, healing, and joy, bringing happiness wherever they bloom.